Mitchells & Butlers

Design Strategy & Website Redesign

In-depth user research, expert reviews, and defining a new strategy for specific pub and restaurant websites.



Mitchells & Butlers is one of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK. Working for this client, I had the opportunity conduct an expert review and user research for almost all the websites that fall under Mitchells & Butlers.

The aim of the expert review and user research was to determine the quick fixes, defining an ideal and consistent experience across all websites, and designing new features for the booking system.

IA – Vintage Inns

My role

I was the primary UX Designer for this client reporting directly to the head of UX. I was responsible for conducting user research, reviewing all the websites, concepting new features, designing wireframes and interfaces, analysing the website analytics and presenting all the findings back to the client.

As a last piece of work before I left the company, I created a presentation highlighting all the opportunities for Mitchells & Butlers. This presentation outlined a digital vision, strategy and roadmap to position the client as innovators and leaders in this industry.

Our process

All the user research was done by interviewing the users remotely (in-depth interviews), where I tested the existing website and validated new features. The findings were captured and concluded in a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, I also created a table highlighting each issue and its priority.

Once the findings and issues were presented back to the client and dev team, I created annotated wireframes to further clarify and visualise the changes. Followed by this, I designed the changes and implemented these on the existing designs.

During the development phase I participated in daily standups. In this phase, I oversaw development to ensure the fixes and features were implemented correctly.