User Research & App Design

A blue sky project for E.On to design an app that onboards new customers and educates them on saving money.




At Nice Agency, we worked on a month long blue sky project where we delivered a mobile experience for E.On that helps onboards new customers and educates existing customers on their consumption with the aim of helping them save money. Working closely with the client we designed and created prototyped two journeys. These journeys were subsequently tested with users in the UK and German markets.


My role

Working with two other UX designers and with a deadline of four weeks meant that each of us had numerous tasks on our plates.

I was primarily responsbile for helping to facilitate the requirement workshop, collate and conclude the findings, sketch concepts, create high-level wireframes for two journeys, create an InVision prototype to use during testing, and lastly conduct the user testing.

Once the user testing was complete, it was my responsibility to amend the high-level wireframes and prototypes to the feedback.


Our process

We kicked off the first week with a requirement gathering workshop with the stakeholder. After the workshop, it was clear that we were going to design a journey to onboard new customers and another journey for existing customers managing their consumption. We started sketching ideas for these journeys. 

During the second week I started creating the high-level wireframes with creative direction from the Lead UX Designer, Ruby Hatem. In that same week, we started recruiting users for testing. By the end of the week we had high-level wireframes for two journeys, a testing script, and ten users to test with.

The third week was the testing week. Any spare moment between testing was used for collating the findings to start defining what feedback needs to be addressed in the final week.

In the last week we spent the time amending and polishing the wireframes. In addition to this, we created a presentation for the client with the conclusions including user feedback and the polished wireframes.

The wireframes were created in Sketch. The prototype was created in InVision. The user-testing itself was conducted remotely using Lookback.io. This allowed us to record their mobile screens.